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To succeed in animal husbandry, farmers need to pay more attention to the health of their animals, especially in dairy animals like cows, buffaloes and goats. The sudden increase in physical demands during the delivery affects the overall health and nutritional balance of the cattle animals. Because the body's calcium reserves are depleted during the delivery of newborn calves, they require extra calcium right away after giving birth. Liquid calcium supplements have been shown to be one of the finest ways to improve the nutrition and general health of animals. One of the most reputable Manufacturers and Suppliers on the market, Parul Chemicals specializes in high-grade and potent animal feed supplements like F. S. Calcival.

Postpartum cattle animals require more than the cattle feed and additives used for routine upkeep and care. To meet the increased calcium demand, they require an extra calcium supplement. Organic supplements that have been chelated significantly aid in replenishing the calcium that a cow loses when giving birth.

Supplements for animal feed that are liquid-based are more beneficial as you don't have to bother about feeding them correctly. Enhancing the current feed and water supply will fortify your cows and buffaloes. Strong bones will also be formed as a result of it. Because cow's milk and colostrum have higher calcium than other foods, it helps significantly raise the levels of calcium in calves. Beyond the immediate postpartum health of cows, F. S. Calcival contributes to future milk yield. It also improves the efficiency of reproduction. F. S. Calcival is more potent and effective than calcium alone. Animals' energy levels can be raised by ordinary calcium supplements, but F. S. Calcival goes above and beyond. It is a multivitamin and calcium supplement that gives animals more energy and strengthens their immune systems. For goats, buffalo, and cows raised for dairy, it is essential for raising milk yield.

Why Choose F. S. Calcival?

  • Enhanced Milk Production: F. S. Calcival improves milk production and quality, benefiting both dairy farmers and consumers. It also maintains the S. N. F. (Solids-Not-Fat) level in milk.

  • Stronger Bones and Muscles: The calcium component supports bone and muscle health, reducing the risk of bone-related issues and promoting longevity in cattle.

  • Optimized Nutrient Absorption: The multivitamins in F. S. Calcival enhance metabolic processes, leading to better nutrient absorption and improved overall cattle health.

  • Cost Savings: Better overall cattle health means significant savings on medical visits and treatments, making F. S. Calcival a smart investment.

Manufacturing Unit

We have a modern manufacturing unit to produce F. S. Calcival with careful planning and adherence to safety and quality standards. Our advanced production base complies with different environmental, safety, and quality regulations. The unit is located in Vadodara, Gujarat with different sections to ensure efficient raw material storage, production, quality control, and packaging. We have the necessary equipment for processing, mixing, and packaging the products to develop animal feed formulations according to strict quality control and safety protocols.

Quality Control

Our company has developed a well-equipped quality control unit to ensure that products such as FS Calcival Animal Feed Supplements, SAS-5956 Animal Feed Supplements, Liquid Animal Feed Supplements, etc. meet nutritional specifications and safety standards. We test the complete product line on the given factors below before offering it to patrons:

  • Nutritional values

  • compositions

  • Shelf-life

  • Texture and colour, etc.

In addition, we also use high-end packaging materials with information such as ingredients, nutritional content, usage instructions, etc. labelled on them. These packaging materials keep the qualities and nutritional content of the products intact for a long time.

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